07 October, 2015

My weird self

Hi :)
As you'll go through this, one will say: "Whaat?". The other will say: "Oh, me too". So here are some facts about me that I find strange.
  • I shower with mostly really hot water. Some people would get third-degree burns, but not me. I'm not even cold, I just like hot water (only in the shower).
  • I'm always thirsty when I get out of the shower. A glass of water is the first thing on my mind.
  • I'm also always thirsty after I eat an ice-cream. It doesn't matter which one, I need a drink.
  • When it comes to being cold (autumn/winter time), I'm a chameleon. I can go outside with short sleeves. I will be freezing for about 5 minutes and then I'm good to go anywhere without feeling cold. I actually love this.
  • I love being wet from rain (mostly if I'm going home). Not that I'll ever admit this (of course, I just wrote it down for the world to see it) but I'm not nervous at all. I smile and eventually start laughing at myself and I enjoy it!
  • One more fact about my shower. I drink warm (this time not boiling hot) water. During every shower I drink up to three sips of warm water. I have no idea how this started and why.
  • I make a lot of lists. Even for the things I need to do tomorrow and there are only three things. I'm not obsessed with lists and I can live through everything without it, I just like to write. So I write the list.
  • I can't walk in the rain like normal people. This really annoys my mom when I get home soaking wet and I have boots and umbrella. I always have my legs and arms fully wet. I can not explain it. (While my friends are almost completely dry.)
  • I can't (I can, I don't want to) wear silver and gold together. It happens every now and then, but I always hope nobody notices it. If I have silver jewelry, I have to take a bag that has silver on it, not the one with gold. Same goes for the shoes, jackets...
I'm sure there are more of these, but for now this is all I can remember.
Bye :*

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