06 December, 2015

Welcome December!

Hello :) I've been absent for a while and I wasn't able to welcome December on the first day but, thank God, we still have some time before the big day so we can discuss presents!
Personally, I think you can't really go wrong with anything; if you remember me and get me something, I'm gonna appreciate it. And everybody should. There are some presents that never get old: diary, photo album, candles, chocolate of any kind, figurines,... I know all of this is mostly useless these days, but it looks good, it's cheap and it's just that little thing we should be giving for Christmas. Although me and my family took Christmas presents to another level, it should be something small; just to mark that day. Of course I have a lot of wishes, but, in case my friends don't have any ideas, here's something from my list:
  • coloring book - I know I'm almost 21 but I love coloring. But! I want something pretty like Disney princess or flowers or teddy bears. I don't want those new cartoon characters that scare me every time I see them. Or I would like that new adult-coloring book.
  • calendar - I have a calendar for 2015 but it's almost over and I'm in a need of a new one. Since I'm in love with New York, that's the most perfect theme for my calendar.
  • pajamas - I don't know why but I love buying pajamas in December. That's usually my mom's choice and she picks out great ones. I don't expect my friends to buy me clothes.
  • anything with New York - I stated above that I love that city so anything with the motive of it is great for me (especially Brooklyn Bridge).
  • nail polishes - As I have almost every color in my inventory, it's hard to buy some I don't already own but I won't mind having them double. Also, all nail art supplies are welcome too.
Anyhow, (I had no plan when I started this), there are lots of things you probably want/need but hold on for a second. Just stop everything and enjoy December!
If you have any ideas for presents I would love to hear them (comment below) as I have to buy lots of them this year and I don't have that many ideas.
Want it all !!

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