13 October, 2015

Movie review: The Martian

Since this is a new movie (released on the 2nd of this month; so 11 days ago) I have to write "spoiler alert". If you don't want to know what's going on, this is your last chance to back out (you can read my impressions below to see whether you wanna see it or not).

So, The Martian movie starts with a space squad having some trouble on Mars and they are preparing to leave their expedition earlier than expected. They are going, going, aand no. One of the guys, astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) is hit by some piece of something in the storm and they all think he died. They leave the Mars. After a while, Mark wakes up with very little oxygen left and badly injured. He manages to sew himself, took care of the injury and then he starts to make a plan on how he will survive there by himself. He knows he has 4 more years until another expedition comes to Mars and they will not land where he is, but he needs to find a way to transport himself to the place. Fortunately, he had maps and computers and all the needed equipment that his crew left behind. Thank God he is also a botanist and mechanical engineer so he finds a way to grow potatoes. It sucks that potatoes are kinda the only thing he can eat, but, at least, he's not starving. Anyhow, his methods of surviving are really amazing: growing potatoes from their own sh*t on the planet without water with only some nylon and a bit of fire, sealing the room with only duct-tape, maximizing the endurance of the "car" with unused solar panels,... His inventions are, of course, only in the movie, but that doesn't make them any less interesting. After some time he manages to contact Earth and NASA and his crew decides (against NASA's orders) to go and save him. There are major complications while the rescue and this moment really made me hold my breath. It all ends up good.

My impressions. Movie is really long (144 minutes) but it's so interesting you have a feeling it lasts about 40 minutes. I thought it could be kinda boring because it's basically one man show on a freaking Mars but it keeps your concentration the whole time on the screen. Matt Damon did a great job here. The movie is funny and emotional and with great message not to give up. I would definitely recommend this movie!!
Bring our boy back!

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