08 November, 2015

Movie review: Burnt

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So, there's this new movie released on 30th of October (this year, of course) named Burnt. As always, if you don't want spoilers, go down to my impressions to see if you want to watch it or not.

Plot: There's this (hot) guy, chef Adam played by Bradley Cooper (yes, I find B. very handsome). Anyhow, he's been a really great and popular 2-star chef (whatever that means). Then he got himself, and others in his kitchen, in trouble by messing with drugs and he basically had nothing left. After some time, he picks himself up, goes to London and he's determined on getting his old life back. He is going for the third Michelin star. He struggles a bit but eventually, without any special effort, creates a team that is perfect in the kitchen. There are few of his old friends but he also picked up some new great cooks. And they are all working, under his wing, for a gay guy running his dad's restaurant and hotel. Now, I wouldn't mention that guy is gay if he wasn't in love with Adam. Adam and his crew decide to make an opening in the restaurant for everyone to know it's his kitchen and he's back. They have a lot of problems at first because Adam is really difficult person and he wants nothing but perfection in his kitchen. This is the issue through the whole movie. One day they find out that the commission (for the third star) is in the restaurant and everything needs to be perfect. Unfortunately, Adam's old friend Michel is still mad at him for trouble in Paris and decides to mess up his meals with too much pepper. Adam is devastated; his life is over. At least it was until they find out that those 2 men weren't actually checking them. They get their sh*t together and work perfectly together until the real commission comes and Adam finally get's his third star. And yeah, I should also mention there's Helene involved. A modern chef and Adam's love interest. She is played by Sienna Miller.

Impressions: They say it's comedy and drama but I would only go with drama. There are some funny scenes but there's a lot more about people and lead character's mind and behavior to call it a comedy. I did not like the beginning due to all the yelling and swearing and throwing things (maybe because it was really loud in the cinema) but it really caught me by the middle and I really liked it by the end. It shows how a chef's job can be stressful, especially if you're a perfectionist. And they have perfect duo of Bradley and Sienna (which I loved in the American Sniper movie that you're gonna get a review on soon).
Kitchen was his home.

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