16 December, 2015

Today: 16.12.2015.

Doing: wrapping Christmas gifts - yaaaay (should be studying, of course)
Mood: so far so good; can't be bad around Christmas presents
Favorite person: Maggie is pretty high on the list
Thinking about: exams I'm not studying for and what to get my brother for Christmas
Missing: good ideas I used to have when presents are supposed to be bought (I only actually need two more ideas but they're so making me nervous)
Loving: wrapping paper and Christmas songs, being home alone right now
Hating: not having a present for my brother (I'm just going in circles with this, right?)
New discovery: I can cut classes without feeling guilty (not that you should practice that!)
Listening to: Lines and Colours - Dear Santa (new song!! and I'm totally addicted) - big plus: they're Croatian

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