15 November, 2015

Writing difficulties

Hello :)
I didn't post anything in a week (although it seemed a lot longer) and it felt really weird. We've been adapting my room so I didn't have access to my laptop for 5 days (yeah, nobody remembered to get it of the desk before pushing all the furniture in the middle of the room so I couldn't reach it). Since my life and room are still kinda a mess, I'll just say what my plans are with this blog.
So, I have few on-going series that are still in progress - Gossip Girl reviews, my family and friends , movie reviews and Croatia. (You can find all labels on the right and read posts I've written so far.) There's, of course, my "Read between the lines" series that I'm writing every now and then when I realize some songs are more than you think about them. With this, there is "Today" series of posts which are basically written when I have no time to actually write but I want you to know I'm still here.
There are few posts coming - room renovation, books and reading, more movie reviews, one personal post, and so on, and so on.
** Also, I was thinking about making a list of series that I've watched and you can choose which one you would like me to make a review on. Tell me in the comments if you like the idea.
** When I'm talking about comments, I'm still waiting for your questions so I can do Q&A posts (remember, 5 questions about anything for each post).
And that's about it for this time. Will get to you soon. :*

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