25 October, 2015

Friends in the past

I'm going to write a bit about my friends from my past. Most of us just grew apart, but since we once had some kind of relationship, I can not leave them out of my Family and Friends series (link is to the intro post about this).
  • Martha. She was once my best friend. I met her the first day of my elementary school. It didn't take us long to realize we were very much alike. Even though we spent every day together, true friendship was born around 4th grade (we were 10 or 11). We went everywhere together. I was more at her place than my own. We went all the way from walking with our dolls to make-up, boys and going out. Eventually, she changed and, I have to be honest, I didn't like the change. We still remained good friends with more visible dislikes more often. We finally parted somewhere in the first grade of high school (freshmen as you would say). I seriously think I need to call her.
  • Petra and Joseph. They are brother ans sister. They are younger than me but we grew up together. They live in a village where my grandparents live so we spent every summer, winter and occasionally some other seasons together. It didn't matter that we haven't seen each other for the whole school semester because it was like I never left. We were together every day from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. The only time I wasn't at their place was during lunch (if their grandma cooked something I didn't eat). Eventually our families got in a huge fight and we were kinda caught up in all that. Unfortunately, we haven't seen each other for about 7 years now. I still think about them. A lot.
  • Antonija. (It's Anthony, only female.) She came into my class in the 5th grade if I'm not mistaken. She was the opposite of me. She was wild, kinda rude, a smoker, a bit of a darker,... I have no idea how, but we got really close. We could talk about almost anything. But our friendship was a bit weird, so to say. And then we got to high school. We haven't talked since.
  • Mathea. She was my first best friend in my life. Those were the times when a doll and some leaves were enough to make us interested. We could make a game out of anything. We were about 7 to 9 years old when we hung out. I would go to her place very often. I still remember how her living room looked. What now puzzles me is whether she lived only with her grandma. At that point, I was too young to connect the dots or ask something like that. But now, as I remember it, I remember only her grandma always being around. She transferred to a different school in the time when we didn't have cell phones or Facebook or anything like that. I had her phone number only. I tried it few times and then gave up. I have no idea what's happened with her. (And I tried to find her on social networks. I didn't succeed.)
I don't want to accept it.

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