18 October, 2015

Movie review: The DUFF

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I don't know if you watched this or not, but here it comes. I have to warn you about spoilers. If you do not want to read spoilers and you want to know how I feel about the movie, scroll down to my impressions.

The Duff is relatively new (February 2015) teen film based on the novel written by Kody Keplinger. There are Mae Whitman as Bianca, Robbie Amell as Wesley and Bella Thorne as Madison. So, the movie starts with Bianca hanging with her friends Jess and Casey who are obviously more popular than her. She is also in touch with her neighbor and childhood friend Wesley. He is, of course, a school's football hero. As Bianca and Wes are talking in a hallway, Madison comes and kisses Wes stating that he is hers. Well, they are on-and-of all the time. This act did not bother Bianca as she has a crush on guitar player Toby. At one party, Wes discovers that Bianca is, in fact, the DUFF in her group. Designated Ugly Fat Friend. After being pissed off some time, Bianca asks Wes to help her quit being the DUFF. She needs his help, he needs her to pass science. Perfect deal. In all this process, she and Wes start to communicate more; they actually get to be good friends. This annoys Madison who doesn't miss an opportunity to turn the whole school to mock Bianca after one silly shopping time with Wes. After some time Bianca gets to go on a date with Toby but it turns out to be a total disaster. He is not the half of a man she thought he was. He accepted her invitation only to get some information about Jess and Casey. After finding this out, and seeing Wes kissing Madison at her favorite "thinking rock" that's supposed to be a secret, Bianca goes back to her real friends and her mom. They are preparing for homecoming dance and encourage Bianca to hold her head up high. At the dance, Wes is crowned king, Madison is crowned queen. In spite of everything, Wesley finally sees Bianca, turns down Madison and the title and kisses Bianca.

My impressions: I only went to see this movie because it's cheesy romantic one and it has Robbie in it. It turned out to be a good cheesy movie. Everything is pretty much predictable, but that's the whole point of romantic movies, right? It basically shows how teenagers (although played by Mae and Robbie who are both 27) can change over short period of time and how little it takes to destroy everything or to make everything the best it could be. You get me? I would recommend it if you're into this kind of movies, but people do say that the book is better. I wouldn't know.
Designated Ugly Fat Friend

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