09 December, 2015

Today: 9.12. 2015.

Doing: OMG I've been to college - I left at half past 6 this morning and I came home at about 7 p.m.
Mood: beaten, tired, pissed off, nervous, calm at most of the times (weird?)
Favorite person: Matt, as usual
Thinking about: tomorrow and Friday (big exam coming up)
Missing: the good old days when my biggest problem was how to dress my doll
Loving: new surprises every day from my advent calendar (chocolate and jewelry)
Hating: that my hair didn't turn out as I hoped it would (I did braids on wet hair and slept on them - I woke up looking like Afro with a really bad hair day)
New discovery: I'm weirded out by my new discovery so I'll keep it to myself for a little while

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