16 November, 2015

Today: 16.11.2015.

Doing: went to college, saw few episodes of a TV show, gonna study for about 20 minutes (maybe haha)
Mood: was great during the day; this show brings out many insecurities and I'm feeling down
Favorite person: Matt - if I go to college, it's most likely to be him
Thinking about: too negative stuff to ruin your evening (at least, it's evening at my place)
Missing: being a part of a group (it's a longer story, but I'm thinking about NYE)
Loving: chocolate! - I found a big Milka strawberry chocolate in the fridge (you could say I'm drowning my sadness in chocolate, that's OK, right?)
Hating: the midterms are starting (argh!)
New discovery: that I'm loving a color I have no idea how to pronounce or write - turquoise (English is not my native language and I really have difficulties with this one)
Listening to: Maître Gims - Brisé (I don't understand a word, but that melody...)

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