30 March, 2014

One pretty Sunday

As you all know, today was (still is for few hours) Sunday. A day that should be spent with family. Maybe to make a trip to church (for ones who believe)... Well, my Sunday was the total opposite. I was home alone for most of the day. And after a long time, I decided to go to church. Of course, it's not my habit and I forgot. I got caught up writing my paper for college and by the time I looked at the clock it was half an hour since the service started. I couldn't believe it. So, I said to myself I'll go next Sunday. I won't. I'm not at home next Sunday. So, I guess church will have to wait... (It's not something a believer should say.) But there was a bright side to this day. Guess who texted me! Yep, you're right. Mr. M. did. I finally found a time when he was bored and on Facebook. Otherwise, we would exchange two or three messages and that would be it. Today, we got the chance to talk a bit more. I am really curious how it will look tomorrow when we see each other. That's always awkward for some unknown reason. Another good thing, after a while, I got really good inspiration for painting my nails. And I did it. I have to say, totally objective, they are great! Anyhow, in spite of this Sunday not being what it supposed to be, I had a great time. And yes, I almost forgot... The best thing about being home alone is turning the volume on the radio up! My parents aren't really big fans of music, so today my house was my paradise.
So, I'll leave you now to think how good my Sunday was. I hope your was as good as mine. Maybe even better!
Bye bye
O happy day?

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