01 March, 2014

Masks all around

Hello :))
A Carnival is coming up and everybody in Croatia is preparing their masks. (Yes, it's different from Halloween.) There are lots of ideas so I'll give you some too. But, first of all, I'll tell you about my carnival experience. Since I live in a big city, carnival and going trick or treating is not that popular anymore. When I was little is was still kinda a big thing and everybody was looking forward to it. Now, people pretend they're not home when somebody rings the door bell. More and more kids are giving this up and they have no spirit anymore. I loved the time when our school threw a masquerade party. We were the happiest kids alive. I remember me always going as a princess or a fairy or something like that. I loved wearing those pink ball dresses and crowns. I would still like to go out like that. But thing have changed over the years. If I would go out now I would be a guy. A cop, firefighter, cowboy, marine... Anything like that. (And I don't mean those sexy little outfits that are not there for the dress-up, but only to show how skinny some girl is. I mean real uniforms.) Last year I went to school as a soldier. I loved it. Now I would pick guy costume over girly one anytime. There's something about me wanting to be a guy, so there's this one day when I, and all of us, can be whoever we want. Awesome feeling. Especially if you're shy or embarrassed, the mask is a great cover. Without further ado, I give you some really great costumes that I personally love.
Have fun being somebody else. Queen, Zorro, cowboy, Batman... You're not given that chance everyday. :))
P.S. I fell in love with the soldier (my favorite), cowboy and swat guy :))

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