19 March, 2014

A new bookworm

Since I can remember, I hated books. I believe I felt like that for a long time because they made me read in school books I didn't like and I had a deadline which I absolutely hate. I remember few books I actually had intention to read and I liked them eventually but the deadline for school took all the fun of reading. Now, since I'm in technical college and I only have math and physics in all forms there are, I miss reading. I miss literature, learning languages... I miss all the other subjects too, but my personal favorites were Croatian and English. I loved it. Grammar and literature. Except for the deadline, as I already said. I actually miss reading poems and analyzing them. Everybody I know hated that in high school, but not me. This was the subject in which I felt the smartest. That's probably why I loved it so much. Because I was actually able to follow the teacher and understood the materials. Since I started college, books have caught my eye. Like movies, I love romantic novels and that won't change. (I usually read Danielle Steel.) I don't see myself as a person who would choose a book over a movie (ever, at least not for now), but I do have to admit I started reading whenever I have time. This is usually on my way to and back from college. And I have a long way to it, so I can really read more than just a few pages. I didn't used to understand people who read just for fun cause school took that away from me, but now I see. It really makes your trips shorter. At least, that's why I read. Mostly. It's just hard to find a good book. You have to read lots of them who maybe won't fulfil your expectations but when you find that one... (Right Joan? Gone with the wind?) Anyhow, since I'm a new bookworm (or wanna be one), I've set my goal to read only five books this year. You gotta start with small numbers, right? One down, 4 more to go. 
Bye bye
P.S. If you have any recommendations (consider my favorite genre, please), tell me. I'd like to discover new books. 
Now, there's a cute bookworm :)

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