25 March, 2014

Read between the lines 2

My previous post Read between the lines was very successful and, judging by your comments, you really liked it. So I decided to make another one with the same topic. Before I start I want to tell you that ever since you commented on that post, I can't stop listening to "Bonfire Heart", "Let Her Go" and "Pretend It's OK". These are really amazing songs. Thank you! Also, I have to inform you that I've discovered some new artists and here are links to their performances. Ilma Karahmet - Ima jedan svijetDoktori - CesaricaLena Zatkoska - I will always love youStefan Koković - Baila MorenaDanijel Kajmakoski - Counting starsAleksa Perović - BailamosMaja Novaković - Girl on fireUroš and Vladimir - Unchain my heartDoktori - She will be loved. So there are lots of links here and if you don't feel like listening to them all, trust me, you do! They are all awesome and some of them really sound like the original. (And some of the guys are really cute.) And now I'll start with my top 6 this time:
  1. Bon Jovi - It's My Life. The title says it all. You only live your life once, so do it well. Don't underestimate yourself and stand your ground. Find yourself in this world and stand by it. Learn from your mistakes cause nobody will erase them for you.
  2. Christina Aguilera - Hurt. This is actually a song for the ones you have lost. You would do anything to see that person one more time and you're constantly wondering if they're looking upon you. You wanna know what they think. Unfortunately, we often have no idea what we have until we lose it. Appreciate what you have while you still have it.
  3. James Morrison and Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings. Relationship is over. This song is for all those people who keep coming back into the bad relationship. You can't do that. There's nothing there anymore to go back to. You can't feel something if your heart tells you otherwise.
  4. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell - Ain't no Mountain High Enough. There's nothing that could stop you from being with your darling. True and real love doesn't know boundaries and obstacles. So, there isn't any good excuse for you not to help or be there for your better half.
  5. Simply Red - If You Don't Know Me By Now. Great song for those who love to fight and break up immediately. This song tells you to calm down and sort things out. There's no need to get in a huge fight. We all have our crazy moments and if you're in a relationship, the other person should know them. They should know how to deal with it. If you don't know it then you're not a good match.
  6. The Script and Will.I.Am - Hall of Fame. Great song for lifting up your mood. It's a song about never giving up and reaching your goals. Everything is possible if you just believe. Do something that makes you happy and leave your mark on this Earth.
And this would be it. I decided to make a post like this every now and then. You are free to suggest your own songs and I'll put them in my posts.
P.S. I really hope you'll listen to these links in the beginning because they're great.
Bye till the next time :)
All of the above in one picture

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