22 March, 2014

Unnecessary "uuhhh"

Hey :)
For some time now I've been hanging out with a new "friend" of mine. It's under quotation marks because we hang sometimes, but we're not actually real friends. I have no idea what we are. Somehow we ended up in the same boring class. I don't see him that often but every time I do, we talk a bit, catch up. He doesn't know any of mine generation (he's older than me) so he sticks with me. And I don't mind. He's great. The problem is in my so-called friend. She is so damn annoying. You know how every time your friend talks to opposite gender, you go "uuh" on them? It's cute for some time and kinda funny, but there's a point where you stop doing that. Well, obviously she has no idea when that point should come. There are four weeks behind us and she's still doing that. God! Can't I have a friend? I agree that is was kinda funny at first because I was, and still am, the only one communicating with him, but seriously, cut it out! And this time I'm not defensive because I secretly like him and blush every time, I'm serious when I say he's just a friend. And will remain that way. I would also tell you why, but I'm kinda paranoid that somebody will read this and recognize who I'm talking about... Now I remembered that I already told you something about this girl. If you were reading my blog, she's the girl that said: "Are you coming or what?" when I was just politely saying "Hi." to Mr. M. Maybe you don't see it, but she said it really bitchy. Anyway, now I have to be careful what I do in front of her because, obviously, everybody is my boyfriend as soon as we look at each other. What's up with that? Are we still in the third grade? I kinda hate people that never grow up. It's great to see that somebody can still pull off being young and funny in their middle ages, but you should know what suits your age. I'm not saying we're old and should act like nuns (no offence to nuns, I really hope you do understand what I mean), but there should be some limits on our behavior. At least if you wanna have friends.
Well, that's it. Bye.
She sees everything!!!

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