11 March, 2014

I've got the chills

Hey :)
I've been in such a good mood today, I don't know why. I think it's the Sun that's finally shining that had something to do with my happiness. Anyhow, I loved the feeling. Why loved? Because I'm not happy anymore. Something happened today and I can't really tell you about it (cause I'm not really sure what to think), but I started thinking about it just two minutes ago. I was watching a TV show, romantic one, of course and I got the chills. Like I always do. Every single time I watch some romantic scene, I get the chills. My romantic and overly emotional side is breaking out every time. I like it and I don't. It usually messes up with my head, like now, and then I'm depressed. Wouldn't everything be so much better if we were able to write scenarios? I mean, I really, really want a TV love. With all the pain, drama and everything else, but that love... I know movies are taking love to a whole new level, but I still kinda hope that there's a love like that in real life. And, I know, this hope and this feeling I'm having right now are going to kill me. I need to switch off my emotions for a while. I over think everything. I question everything. Currently, I'm thinking about one thing, and one thing only. And I can't stop. And I should be concentrating on thousands of other things. But I can't get rid of this feeling... Is there a Landon-Jamie/Damon-Elena/Jack-Rose/Lucas-Peyton/Tyler-Nora/Pacey-Joey/Ross-Rachel/Dylan-Brenda love? (Of course, I can't remember most of my favorite couples, but I think you can, at least, recognize one of these...) Cause, if there isn't what's the point of living? We, overly emotional (from time to time) people live for this kind of love. And if it doesn't exists...? Then what? For me, it's like believing in God. I have to believe cause I can't bear the thought that there isn't anything after life. (I'm not trying to convince anyone to start believing.) So, after all this depressed thoughts, I leave you. I need to clear my head.
Till next time...
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  1. Anonymous13/3/14 21:01

    Peyton and Lucas suck! Brucas all the way xd

  2. I was just waiting for something like this :)
    well, I personally hate Peyton, but it's a nice love story, that's the point! ;)