18 March, 2014

Driver's licence, please?

I've introduced my great wish to get a driving licence for motorcycle to my parents. My dad, who drives it daily, laughed to my face and mom said to cut the crap. When my brother wanted it, they had nothing to say. It was OK. Now I want it even more. I would get it no matter what they say, cause I can with my 18 years, if I had money. The problem is, they kinda need to pay everything cause I don't work and I have no money. How to convince somebody to give money for something they don't want? And if I do get my driver's licence, I have nothing to drive. My father's bike? I don't think so. I think he loves his bike more than anything. He would probably give it to me if I asked, but I would have to fill in some report on where I'm going, with whom and so on... And then, I would have a two-hour talk about safety, people on the road,... That's not something I would like to hear all the time... I've heard it enough times with my brother. It is just pointless. I'm exaggerating of course (just a bit), but there would still be some kind of talk about it and him thinking that he's smarter than anyone and the best driver ever. He once proposed an idea to teach me how to drive a car. No thanks! For starters, he's really nervous and he snaps at little things. Second, again, he's the best and others are really close to driving like crap. So you can imagine what would he say to a new driver who has never sat in front of the wheel. I got of topic... Anyways, I really want to pass this test sometime soon, but we also have no money. So there's that... It looks like I'm stuck with public transport... When I remember that I started dreaming about driving to school about 2 (or 3) years ago... Who would know that I still wouldn't have my licence in my pocket??
God, please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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