24 March, 2014

Meeting the parents

Hello :)
I've been thinking today about relationships and that huge step when your better half meets the parents. Some couples don't think it's a big deal and some of them do. I have an example for both. My brother has a girlfriend and he's not ready to introduce her to the parents. On the other hand, one of my best friends has a boyfriend and she introduced him to her parents really quickly. And, of course, she met his parents as well. I can really see both sides to this situation. What's the point of hiding her/him in front of your parents? If she/he is good, nothing else matters. Then again, some are a bit more old fashioned and think that meeting the parents is a big deal and once you meet the parents, things get more serious. (They were pretty serious in the first place if you ever got the chance to meet them.) I think I would be this old fashioned person cause I also think it's kinda a big deal but I wouldn't hide him either. My parents would know I have a boyfriend (after some time) and that's it. Introducing parents to parents is a whole another story and I think that should be done over some nice dinner and in private surrounding. Why? Because I don't think it's nice to introduce something this big in the street. I think that this also changes with age. When you're younger you want everything and meeting the parents isn't anything special. When you get older, you start to think more about your future and you just want to be sure in everything. If this thing will work. So, what do you think??
P.S. Make sure you're the couple from the first photo :))
Meet the parents :)

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