02 March, 2014

Then and now, what to buy

Hey :)
I know I've been writing about this few times already but I can't help it noticing how things are changing over the time. Me and my friend were talking the other day about how much we have changed but our appearance is still the same. That made me thinking about shopping and changing all outer stuff, like my room and hair. What were once Barbie dolls and toy cars, now are shoes and dresses. Once we were going to buy crayons, now we're buying stuff for decorating our room. We do everything what we possibly can to make us feel better, including changing our appearance and our space of living. The only problem, of course, is money. Why would it all be rainbows and unicorns? Maybe I'm a bit bitter because we used to have about $700 more a month so we were able to afford more stuff we wanted. I'm always thinking about those times. And when I do, I feel bad about myself because I know my parents are handling money the best they can. That's why I've thought about getting a job soon and I also want to convert my clothes to something that fits me better. (Anchy your mom can help you with this!) I'll just give you two ideas. (I'm almost sure Anchy will do this better than I will.) I took my old coat and gave it to the tailor to narrow it down a bit (I've lost weight). This costed much less than buying a new one. I also took my old denim jacket, rolled up my sleeves and now I have spring jacket with refreshed look or I have a upper part of a casual suit. It's all about the imagination. One more great idea is buying on discounts (winter clothes is going to get lower prices these days...) or buying on eBay. I don't recommend buying for lots of money cause there's always a chance that your order won't come, but some small amounts are OK. I just bought a T-shirt yesterday for $5. I have pretty big list next to me and I'm planning on buying most of it over some time. Since I started this with comparing past and present, I can also tell you that you can have a yard sale or you can simply sell your stuff over the Internet. I'm sure you don't need most of the stuff you're holding on to (like me).
I'm going back to my shopping now.
Stay well :))
P.S. These are items from my list to-buy. I am aware that some of them are the same just in different colors. Comment what you like :)


  1. You have basically shot an arrow trough my heart with all these shoes!!!These are my favourite models!!!! <3 =D

  2. Really? God, we're the same :P
    Trust me, it's not easy for me either to look at these (until I'll have them) -.-"