16 March, 2014

Weird or not?

So, I was having coffee the other day with my friends and somehow I was left all alone with one of my best friends in the end. I have no idea where did all the people go. Thank God I was left with her so it wasn't awkward. It doesn't matter really. We started talking about boys and I told her about Mr. M. And her words are still on my mind and I have no idea what to think. She said: "What does the guy in a relationship have to chat with other girl all the time?" Obviously, I'm the other girl. And now I' thinking... First, he's not supposed to have girl friends? Second, I'm glad he's not taking her advice, otherwise we wouldn't be talking. We wouldn't be anything (I'm not sure if we're friends either...). I'm sure he's just polite and communicative and really friendly, but there's something else she said about that. It's like he's giving me some false hope. I'm also sure that's only in my mind because I think I really like him. And now what? I'm back to square one. Honesty, I have no idea what would I be thinking if my boyfriend was talking to one same girl for five months now but if anyone outside my head read our chats, it would be pretty clear there's nothing between us. I know you don't like commenting (or rating) but just tell me what you think. I need to hear some opinions. I think I've finally convinced my mind that nothing will happen with us, I just need to tell that to my heart. I think that will work fine in about 5 years. Hahah. And now, when I look at it, I spent the last 5 months hoping for something that won't come true. Why do girls do that to themselves? I did this to myself. It's nobody's fault that I'm like this. Just mine... Oh well... 
I hope you're having better love life than me... Bye.
I have no idea...

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