05 March, 2014

What the hell is happening to people?

We've been talking today about all the horrible things that are happening with and to people these days. Recently, there was a case here in my beloved country when a woman left her newborn child in a junkyard. Her excuse was that the baby was born dead... Did I mention she gave birth to him alone at home, put him in a box and left him like trash? I am not really sure, but I think they spent two days looking for that baby with those specially trained dogs. Nobody would even know about this if there wasn't for her gynecologist who saw her few days later and asked her where's her tummy or baby. And now I'm thinking... If the baby was already born dead, why didn't she just went to the hospital and they would deal with it in proper way? She wasn't the one to blame. My first question was, of course, why didn't she go to the hospital to give birth, but fine. For all those other moms out there: if you don't want to be a mom and you have a child give him/her up for adoption, leave them in a hospital or some shelter/church. I'm not saying that's OK, but it sure is better than throwing away kids and leaving them to die!! Another thing that caught my mind was in today's TV show. There's this elderly singer. He has been in a wheelchair for quite a long time now. The story was about how somebody stole his wheelchair four times! Seriously? It's like stealing somebody's legs. Who steels a wheelchair? You know all those pictures "Faith in humanity restored."? Well, after this, no, it's not restored. What kind of monsters would do this. Especially to innocent kids and disabled person. Also, there are these great parents who train their 100 kids to bring home money. Any way they know. They're begging on the streets in every weather conditions and nobody cares. As long as they bring money for parents to buy beer. New day, new shift, same kid. Of course, most of them see this life as only possible when they grow up and the circle continues. Also, animal cruelty. Don't let me even start on that. I just saw yesterday (on TV) a woman who "loves" her animals but one of her cats was scalped. She was missing half of her head but who cares. As long as she doesn't have to do anything it's OK. Thank God animal cops got her and she went to court. It is horrible to know that these kind of things still happen in 21st century. We should know better.
We sure should!!!!

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