13 March, 2014

Can't wait to travel

For quite some time now, I've been talking to my friend about me visiting her in Ljubljana (Slovenia). We've finally narrowed the possibilities down to two dates. We're just waiting to see how everything will go with our colleges. So, I've been researching a bit about the city, what should I do there, what's worth seeing. Good thing is that you can find many reviews on the Internet and I did that, of course. I've found nine things I would really like to see. The rest of it is up to her. I'm not sure how long will I be there (cause I have no idea how the trains are driving) but I guess two days. A weekend. We will have to talk about this when the time comes. Anyways, since there are only nine stuff on my list, I hope I'll get to see them all due to their closeness in the city. The only problem is I like to take million photos and I will stay in one park for 10 hours and just take pictures the entire time. I'll have to control myself! I just want to mention that I really like traveling (although I almost never have a chance, it would be fair to say I would like to travel). I also like seeing historical buildings or places and I like to listen to a guide while he/she is talking about history. (Yes, I'm that person who is in the front row while everybody else is dying to run away and have a free time.) So, I won't keep you long here. Not today. I'll leave you with pictures and names of the places. See for yourself and tell me would you like to travel. Where and why?
Bye till the next time
Isn't it beautiful???

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