07 March, 2014

Men reactions

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Today we got a new math teacher. I could say hot, young one. Woman. In my college that's pretty odd. We only have few of female teachers and non of them are particularly young or that attractive. You could say this one is. (She is annoying as hell (to me), but she is nice to look at (I guess).) What made me wonder was how the guys reacted to her. They were animals. They spent four hours talking about her legs, ass, figure in general. They even imagined her working out and what kind of exercises she's doing for that behind. I am always repulsed by that way of talking about anyone. It's just not respectful enough. I was even more disappointed because those men were my "friends", my colleagues. This kind of talk maybe wouldn't be so repulsive to me if it didn't bring out all my insecurities. About my personality and body. It happens every time, so I'm pretty much used to it, but it still doesn't feel right. Than I wondered what would have happened if a hot male professor walked through the door. How would girls react? I can't speak for all of them, but I would make one or two comments how cute he is and that would be it. Maybe few more comments after the class, I won't lie. I believe I couldn't hurt anyone with my comments. I am sure they didn't even think about it in that way and I'm also sure they had no intentions to hurt me or anybody else, but they did. It's not directly their fault. (I'm not one of those girls who can put the blame on anybody for nothing.) The worst part for me was that a girl from my group joined them (cause she has the perfect athletic body). This only gave them more audience and power to continue. In all those hours I was just praying that nobody asks me anything. I didn't even wanted to be looked at. That's how much insecurities they pulled out on the surface. After today I wonder what they're saying behind my back. (This is not the first time I've thought about it, of course.) What was their first reaction to me? Am I too fat? Is my hair ugly? Are my legs too short? Too fat (legs)? (Again with the fat, I know.) I know we all judge by the looks (me too!), but that never stopped me from giving person a chance (or seeing them as a person that should be treated with respect), especially when we're all in the same group every day. I really wonder how long they will keep up with this. I don't think I'm going to be able to listen to that for few more months...
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Female teacher? Young? Good looking? Impossible!

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