08 March, 2014

Happy Women's Day

Hello :)
This post is more for ladies out there. And for guys who forgot about this day, I'm here to remind you of it. It's International Women's Day (IWD). It all started as a Socialist political event, but the holiday found its way to blend in in almost every country's culture. It celebrates women all around the world. It is one day when we all appreciate everything a woman does. It could be considered as a mixture of Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. It is popular in some parts of the world to celebrate this day by wearing a purple ribbon (sometimes pink, but don't mistake it for AIDS awareness day). This year, the UN theme for this day is: "Equality for women is progress for all". The sooner as everybody gets this, the sooner we can move on. We can do and be better. Some countries have this day as a public holiday, some just a holiday for women, and countries like mine don't have it as a holiday at all. But we do celebrate it anyway. There are lots of ways to celebrate this day. Some do parties, some walk around the city in procession,... Whatever you do, this day should be celebrated. Women are amazing. And because all women like flowers, there are also lots of different opinions on what flower represent woman the best. So, in Italy men give yellow mimosas to women, French give violets, we mostly give red roses. Presents are often included (something like candy, chocolate, small things...). The whole point of today is to appreciate women, make them equal to men, and, for women, to have fun. After all, we have our whole day. (Yes, there is a Men's Day too, but I'll write about that when the time comes.) I've spent my day with my family, we also celebrated my father's birthday, so it was really fun. And now, because I have some wine in my blood, I am not really able to think straight. Hahah. If you only know how many mistakes have I done while writing this...
Goodbye :*
Happy, happy, happy day :)

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