10 March, 2014

Cheating "rules"

How many times have you heard: "He/She cheated on me with her/him??" I don't understand that logic. Highlight is obviously on that other person and not on the fact that somebody just cheated on you. Does it really matter who the other person is? People often say how they would deal with the adultery but what bothers them is the fact who is this other person. Is it a better one or beneath them? Some say that it's a shame when you get cheated on with the person who is "beneath" your class. I say it's a shame either way. And the person who cheated should be ashamed, not the one who just got hurt. But people often forget that too. I admit, it kinda sucks if you're, let's say, a really hot and pretty person with really high education and a respectful and well paid job, and you get cheated on with some prostitute (I wanted to say some other job but I didn't want to offend anyone). But hey, they're people just like you are. They have same rights and should be respected no matter how many schools have they finished or what they do. (Same goes for prostitutes I guess... It's just a job, right?) So, it's the same. You got cheated on. That's the point here. I think it's just easier for people to think that their better half has gone crazy and chose somebody worse than you than accepting the fact that the person you love isn't the one who you thought they were. It's easier to let go if you're angry with them (for any stupid reason there is). Also, if a person cheats on you, there are two possible reasons why. First, you're annoying or something and they can't be with you anymore. Second, they're stupid and can't appreciate what they have. Simple as that. I think I couldn't ever forgive adultery, not even if my better half was drunk as hell (don't drink if you can't control yourself). The only exception might be if he was drugged against his will. (Somebody can put something in your drink, you know? Be careful.) If a person cheats on you and gives you some lame explanation or no explanation at all, end it immediately. You can not trust that person!!!

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