25 November, 2016

Movie review: Need for speed

Note: As usual, head down to recommendations if you want to watch it without me spoiling it to you. You could probably read my impressions too... You decide...

Info: Need for Speed is a 2014 American action film directed by Scott Waugh, written by George Gatins and John Gatins and produced by DreamWorks Pictures and Reliance Entertainment. It's based on the series of video games. Lead character is a street racer Tobey Marshall played by Aaron Paul. Then we have his friends Benny played by Scott Mescudi, Finn played by Rami Malek, Joe Peck played by Ramon Rodriguez and Little Pete played by Harrison Gilbertson. There are also Anita, Tobey's ex-girlfriend, played by Dakota Johnson and Julia Maddon played by Imogen Poots. The bad guy is Dino Brewster played by Dominic Cooper. The movie was released on March 14, 2014, The movie is 130 minutes long.

Plot: Tobey is a former race driver who, with his friends, runs his garage Marshall Motors. After hours, they participate in illegal street races. One day, their rival Dino comes to the garage and wants the crew to work on a very special car offering them 25% of what's car worth, approximately being $2 million. Since the garage isn't doing well, Tobey accepts the offer. When they finished, car is put up for auction. Julia, a car broker wants proof that car can go 230 mph. Otherwise, her client won't buy it. Dino forbids Tobey driving the car, but Tobey does it anyway and they sell the car for $2.7 million. With them being rival, it took only one talk about who is a better driver for Tobey, his friend Pete and Dino to race. After Dino realizes he's going to lose, he bumps into Pete's car. Pete flips into a ravine and dies. Dino left immediately and Tobey was sent to prison as nobody could prove Dino was there. After 2 years, Tobey is released on parole. His mission is to get revenge so he asks Ingram's car to compete in De Leon, a supercar race. Ingram sends Julia with the car and the two of them head of to San Francisco. On the road, they face a lot of enemies cause Dino put a price on Tobey's head and eventually the police start to chase him too. On a casual drive, a truck hits their car and Julia ends up in a hospital and Tobey loses his race car. A desperate Tobey reaches out to Dino's fiancè Anita, his ex-girlfriend and Pete's sister. Anita discovers that Dino covered up his involvement in Pete's death and gives Tobey the location and passcodes to find the Agera R that Dino was driving when he killed Pete. Tobey and Joe go to the warehouse and steal the Agera R. In the last scenes, Tobey and Dino are racing side-by-side. Dino attempts to ram Tobey off the road, but Tobey hits the breaks and Dino's car flips and sets on fire. Tobey sees the finish line, but turns around to pull Dino from the flames before completing the race and winning. The police arrives at the end, arresting them both. Tobey is charged with 6 months for illegal street racing and Dino is charged for manslaughter and leaving the crime scene. Julia meets Tobey at his release with a 2015 Ford Mustang. The couple heads to the prison in Utah where Maverick is being released early for good behavior.

My impressions: I really enjoyed the movie. It has the great balance between romance, drama, excitement, action, crime, revenge,... I also have to say I was impressed how this movie didn't have so much unrealistic scenes. The only thing I could not accept is that normal police cars had the same speed as the super tuned race cars. I mean, seriously? I also really liked the friendship vibe and their reunion. Also, the romance between Tobey and Julia is not out of the blue, you see how that's developing.

Recommendation: I read some reviews before I watched it and the first one was so bad and I thought I was going to be disappointed, but comments to that review were the total opposite. So who knows whether you'll like it or not, but I thought it was a great movie. It's quite long one, but I really liked it. And this movie it totally good to watch it with your family (I did). It's important that you know that Need for speed is a game about racing cars, but this movie is much more interesting than just watching people race. Also, I found the leading actors good looking, that always helps.

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