02 November, 2016

Stop it with the healthy! (part 2)

Those of you who are loyal readers of my blog know that I've already used this title and I wrote about how people mostly pretend to care about health, when it's usually all about the looks. Open this link if you wanna read this first part.
Now, I'm going a bit further with this as I'm constantly seeing one thing on the Internet (usually social media) and it drives me crazy! I'm talking about "eating cake and I don't even feel sorry" or "having chocolate for dinner, don't care" posts. I've been seeing a lot of people (I'm gonna talk about girls cause that's what I know) talking about food; how "food is life" or wanting some big burger or anything as a joke. Because it's popular these days. Then you have people who take their "guilty pleasures" and take pictures to post them only to receive likes and approval from people. In most cases this is posted by fit or skinny girls, but there are also larger girls who seek reply messages and comments like "what do you care?" or "you go girl". OK, so here is what I think. I don't need to know what you're eating, but if I do see it, I don't need to feel like it's wrong what you do, but I still have to send positive and approving messages. Example. A girl posts "having sweets for dinner" at 10 p.m. In healthy, "we all need to be perfect by general standards" world, this is wrong. It's bad for your health, your sleep and, of course, your figure. Then again, I can't comment that because that would sound bitchy (and I honestly don't care and I do it too). I have to say, previously said, "what do you care?", "enjoy" or "so jealous". It's like you know it's wrong (by general standards), but you do it anyway. And you should! Because if I want to eat cake, chips or popcorn for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that's my thing! As I'm writing this, I'm eating cookies. I didn't have breakfast nor lunch and it's 8 p.m. I don't need someone telling me it's bad, because I kinda know it. And I don't care. And the reason why I'm doing this shouldn't concern you either. Don't get me wrong, I have pictures of food uploaded on my social media, but they were never posted so people could see that I had one mistake in my, usually, perfect diet. There are some people who take their diet (too) seriously, but I believe there's a majority of people eating normal and junk food whenever they wish to. They just don't post it anywhere because they don't need approval or turning this "mistake" into a joke to feel better.

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