08 June, 2016

Today: 8.6.2016.

Doing: I only went to college, took some exams, now I'm going to study for tomorrow's exam and so on... - it's that time of the year again
Mood: considering I have exams, papers to write and other college stuff, I'm pretty great! and tired
Favorite person: friend Matt - cause why not him again? :)
Thinking about: all the deadlines college posted today
Missing: my brother - I've seen him a week and a half ago, but we spoke yesterday and I kinda wanted him close to me
Loving: the weather - finally some sunny, but not a hot day!
Hating: the fact that my parents won't let me build a balcony (haha)
New discovery: younger people at my college are so weird and they don't know basic stuff we learn
Listening to: Alexandra Stan - Lemonade (remember this?)

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