15 December, 2016

My Christmas and birthday wishlist | 2016

Hello. How are you? Ready for Christmas already?
Last year I posted Christmas present ideas post where I wrote down what I wouldn't mind getting and what I think are great presents. Also, I'd like to add that anything personalized is a big plus!
Note: Also, in this post from last year, I said I would help you get the presents for your loved ones. I would like to continue that good mood so feel free to contact me. Read about it there.
Now, that was last year. This time I'll write down exactly what I would like to get. I already send some hints to my friends and family, but in case they didn't get it, here's my list. (My family does not read this and only 3 of my friends know about this...)
Note: Also, my birthday is really close to Christmas, so that's why this is a wishlist for both.
  • radio + CD player
Old school stuff! I just love music and it's playing on my laptop 24/7. However, I love it when my song comes up on the radio which is why I want it. We had one, but it's broken for the past few months and the fact that it's in the living room meant that I could only listen to it when I was home alone. My new radio has to have a CD player, a regular radio stations and an USB connector.
  • notebook with rubber covers
This came out ages ago, but I never got my hand on it. For some reason, I love those with just stripes or notebook for math. I don't like planners or organizers because I want to have the full freedom over what I write in there. The ones I can actually play with and change the covers are my favorite, but a Lego-style clip is a must.
  • basically anything with planes and military print
I have huge love for both of these, so you can't go wrong with it. I saw little erasers in the shape of airplanes and I fell in love.
  • yearly planner
I'm not talking about any planner... I want that narrow one with one week per page. I saw one silver one today and it's great. All other planners I made from regular notebooks didn't work for me. I never write down anything in there and it's just not practical. This one would be a game changer, I think. Also, I found one I'm in love with so even if I don't get it, I'll order it myself and personalize it.
It's basically like this only wider.
  • lipstick holder
When I started buying lipsticks, room for 12 of them was enough, but now I have over 20 of them and I don't have anywhere to store them. I found some on eBay that can hold 24 lipsticks and I could really use that. The more room, the better.
  • scarf/blanket
You know what I'm talking about. I want that huge square piece of fabric that could easily be a blanket, but people say it's scarf. I don't know how I got attached to that trend, but I love it how it looks on other people so I hope it would look good on me too.
  • Brooklyn Bridge motives
I love New York and I would take any motive with it, except maybe Statue of Liberty (I don't know why I don't find that as exciting...). However, my favorite motive is Brooklyn Bridge. I would like huge puzzles with it, but a picture or a poster would be a total hit.

  • new mobile phone and new camera
OK, this is too much to ask, but I'd still like to get (myself) a new phone cause I've been in love with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge since it came out. Also, my bigger wish is to get a really good but smaller camera, preferably the one with the screen that can be flipped. Cause selfies...

What's on your list? Do you make a list and give it to your loved ones or you like to be surprised?

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