31 May, 2016

Today: 31.5.2016.

Doing: went to IKEA with a friend and bought some organizers for my room, bought my mom a bag (and she loved it), bought my self a bag - I spent the day shopping
Mood: I spend a day only on me so I'm doing great!
Favorite person: I'd have to say my mom as her laughter is the best thing ever!
Thinking about: how I had plans to write some college papers today and I did nothing - but I don't feel sorry at all
Missing: I don't think there's anything what I would want right now that I don't have - life is good people!
Loving: that I'm so positive today :)
Hating: nothing, I'm full of love today
New discovery: I'm (partially) multilingual thanks to all the TV shows I watch (this is not actually a new discovery, but I have nothing that's really new)
Listening to: Adele - Send My Love (such a catchy song)

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