21 May, 2016

Today: 21.5.2016.

Doing: my plan was to write a college paper, but I started watching TV shows so that's about all I'll do today (and I'll try not to feel guilty haha)
Mood: it's morning and I got few good hours of sleep so I'm all good
Favorite person: I've seen nobody and I've heard from nobody, so I'll name my friend Joan who visited last night
Thinking about: as I'm home alone, my biggest worry now is what I'm gonna eat for lunch and dinner - thank God I went grocery shopping yesterday
Missing: more money (if it's not sleep than it's money - college life!)
Loving: my new beauty products I recently got
Hating: rainy days and cold weather - it's almost the end of the May for God's sake
New discovery: you can clean your suede shoes with an eraser (amazing!)
Listening to: Sergey Lazarev - You Are The Only One (it was Eurovision song contest recently and I'm still caught in all of that) - should have been the winner!

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