02 October, 2016

Movie review: One Day

I got a book from my cousin called One Day by David Nichols. I found out that there's also a movie based on it. Before I start, I haven't read the book so I can't compare it. It's a romantic drama starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess as lead roles.
Notes: As usual, plot has spoilers, my impressions don't. Also, this was written way before I changed my template for reviews, so...

Plot: We meet Dexter and Emma on their graduation day on the 15th of July 1988. Although they were in school together, Dexter has no memory of them ever meeting. (They've met few times...) After he offers to walk her home, they decide to spend the night together, although nothing happens. (The part I didn't like as I'm all for big romances, but it turned out good.) Also, it's super awkward in the beginning, but Emma convinces him to do something the next day. The next day is kind of a date and they kiss but remain friends. (We see this in the end of the movie.) They continue to have a great friendship through years. (I loved their friendship so so much!!) We see Emma working at a fast food restaurant the job she hates. She wanted to change the world and she really loved writing. Dexter never shows ambition for some high education; he wants to find himself and have fun. In the 1992, Emma and Dex go on a trip together and, although Emma had some rules, they break them all and flirt. Emma got her hopes up, but it turns out Dex is not being that serious. (If you ask me, I think he just got scared.) Soon, Ian comes to work with Emma and they start a weird friendship that will eventually become a serious relationship. (I disliked this guy from the moment he entered.) Meanwhile, Dexter is a huge TV star, but he finds out people hate him so he gets depressed, starts doing drugs and slowly ruin his life. Also, his mom is seriously sick and will die eventually in the movie. In 1996, Emma is living with Ian. She meets with Dex and finally says she loves him, but she doesn't like him anymore as he has changed a lot. (This was a really sad scene to me.) We also see that neither Emma is happy with Ian, nor is Dex happy with his girlfriend Sylvie. They are reunited at a friend's wedding. On the contrary of what's written two sentences ago, Dex and Sylvie are getting married. In the following years, they get a baby, but we see Sylvie cheating on Dexter in the very next scene. (Yeah...) They are again reunited in 2003 and Emma is now dating Jean-Piere in Paris. As Dexter decides to leave Emma to live her life, she runs for him and they finally confess the feelings for each other. (Finally!) In 2004, Dex is rehearsing his wedding vows. In 2006 you see them kinda nervous for not being pregnant yet, but decide to work things out at the dinner. On the way to the restaurant, Emma is hit by a van and dies immediately. (I kinda knew something was going to happen, but I was so surprised I jumped off my seat.) Later on, we only see Dex remembering her and showing his daughter places where he went with Emma. The movie ends in 2011.

My impressions: OMG I loved the movie! I honestly thought it would be boring seeing only one day each year (one specific date), but they did a great job! Some of the stuff are not explained as they are self-explanatory and I think that's why I didn't get bored. With every year, there are some new information and changes in Emma and Dexter's lives. I'm such a sucker for romance, so if you are too, this is a movie to watch. I would say more, but I can't without spoilers, so I won't. Also, I loved the main characters!
Did you watch the movie? Will you?

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