30 June, 2016

5 things people need to calm down about!

OK, there are some things I see people get really pissed about or go all commando on people who disagree. Well, there are some things I think people think too much about and pull them out of context. Here's my list and explanations why I think we should all calm down.
  • Violent cartoons or games for the kids. I grew up watching Tom & Jerry mostly and, let's face it, it's a cartoon full of violence. I also played Counter Strike, Tekken and GTA and I killed old ladies there to take their money. I blew up a whole block and people there just cause it was a mission in the game. However, I don't think violence is good in any way and I'm not walking around carrying shotgun. I think this is mostly a matter of how you raise your kid. So don't blame it on the media.
  • Saying someone/something is weird. As I write this blog, I often catch myself thinking how to write something so no one would be offended. Sometimes I want to write someone was weird, but I don't because I'm immediately expecting someone to get on my case. If I do write it, I have like a whole paragraph explaining myself. When I, and most people, say something is weird, it's unusual. Example. I've been seeing one black guy at my bust stop for quite some time now. And it's weird. Why? I'm not a racist, but our country is 99% white and it is unusual seeing a black person here. And that's all.
  • Apologizing for something you posted. As a blogger and someone who reads other people's blogs, I see a lot of them apologizing for posting blurry pictures, using flash or not posting enough. Why do we do that? If I post something, it's nobody's fault if it's not good and if I feel the need to apologize, then I probably shouldn't post it. I did this couple of times and then remembered it's totally unnecessary.
  • Saying sorry for not eating something. I'm still a mess about this one, but I really don't eat much and I'm picky when it comes to food. Really picky. Then I go to someone's house and they make lunch or dinner and I have the need to apologize for not eating that. I do feel bad, but now I usually just say I don't eat that and they shouldn't worry about it.
  • Sweat stains. Summer is starting here and it's hot since 7 a.m. Sweat will be visible on any colored shirt, and people can't just wear black and white all the time. Maybe I'm more tolerable on this topic as I sweat a lot (!) so I understand it's hard, almost impossible, to stop or hide sweat. So people, chill. Sweat stains on your or somebody else's shirt will not kill you.
How do you feel about these? Anything you'd like to add?
I felt so nostalgic searching for these...


  1. I can relate to the eating part. It's so hard for me to go to those summer parties in garden when everyone's looking forward grilling some meat and then there's me who usually eats all the fruits and veggies :D Not even sorry about that haha. Ohh and about the sweat stains specially when i went dancing with my sister last least all the weird boys stays away haha

    1. I'm so picky with food and all my friends and people I know eat EVERYTHING and then I try to explain it's all OK, not to mind me but they all do and they usually say: "I made this especially for you." and then I feel weird and uncomfortable... >.<
      Yeah, a friend of mine was weirded out that I was sweating. We were in the gym...