10 November, 2016

Today: 10.11.2016.

Doing: a bit of studying, a bit of shopping, a bit of relaxing, watching TV, reading a book, planning my holiday trip, planning my blog posts,... there really was a bit of everything
Mood: with all said above, my day went really well - but I'm a bit tired now
Favorite person: my mom
Thinking about: is this holiday trip, which I'm so excited about, actually going to happen or not
Missing: going out more with my friends, field trips I did in elementary and high school
Loving: the fact that I have all Christmas presents planned out - my whole family and friends are getting some awesome presents
Hating: that it's going to rain for next three days when I have days off and I could actually go somewhere, but I hate hate hate going anywhere when it's raining
New discovery: Donald Trump was in Home Alone 2 (?!?!?!) - link here
Listening to: Culture Club - Do you really want to hurt me

How is your day going by? :)

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