01 September, 2016

Today: 1.9.2016.

Doing: went to my grandparent's house, played with my dog, ate great food, watched TV - simply enjoying the day how I want it
Mood: great, but very tired (and it's almost 1 a.m. and I'm still up...)
Favorite person: I'd say my grandpa - heard him laugh after quite a while...
Thinking about: meeting my favorite people all week long - gotta love it
Missing: I could say more money and some confidence, but I'm gonna keep it positive and say nothing!
Loving: nature, sun, music, friends... lots of things today!
Hating: neighbors who are yelling and I'm about to go to sleep
New discovery: activated charcoal is apparently good teeth whitener?
Listening to: Nelly and Kelly - Dilemma (actually a whole RNB list...) - nostalgia...

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