18 July, 2016

Take her swimming on the first date!

Read till the end before you judge this.
Since I also consider myself a beauty blogger (I do write another blog) and I love watching those make-up tutorials on YouTube, I've been seeing how make-up can change a person, enhance the beauty and clear all the "bad" stuff off of somebody's face. There is this one youtuber in particular (which I'm not going to name because that would be unnecessary) who always surprises me how she makes a huge difference with only make-up. She is professional make-up artist, if that counts for anything. Anyhow, you've heard before about this line and how guys (let's say guys) always comment about taking a girl swimming for a first date because she's wearing loads of make-up. This youtuber I mentioned did a whole tutorial on waterproof make-up and she did go swimming so that plan would fail, but most of "ordinary" girls don't have so expensive and high-quality make-up so most of it would probably go down the drain (get it? OK, lame.) Make-up is here so we would cover up everything we don't like and highlight all the good parts and make ourselves feel and look great. And that's amazing. Also, all people have the right to do whatever they want with make-up and I have to honest, I kinda admire people who do such wonders with it. But (!) (you knew this was coming), make-up is false presentation. Most of the times you can figure out how the person looks underneath it all, but sometimes it's a huge surprise. When this girl, the youtuber, took off her make-up for the first time (that I saw it) I was so surprised I was actually rewinding and going few seconds back and few seconds forth to see what was actually happening there. I'm talking about such a huge transformation that I couldn't believe that was the same person. The effect was even bigger because she was (and still is) always wearing fake hair and extensions and this was the first time I saw the real her. Not to get me wrong, I'm not saying she is ugly nor pretty, I'm saying the difference is huge! As much as we all love to say the inner beauty counts and physical appearance is not important, it is the first thing you see in a person and that's basically what makes you want to interact in any way. So, false presentation like this could be a huge deal breaker. I honestly can't say how I would react, but I think I would just be disappointed. And, as rude as it sounds, it's not what I've signed up for. Again, people can do whatever they want with make-up, but I think they shouldn't be that surprised that other people are surprised or disappointed or turned off or anything. They should be aware of the make-up they're wearing and know that's not really their face.

What's your opinion on this? You agree? You don't? I'd love to hear it. Long descriptive comments are preferred :)

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