08 July, 2016

MWL - Tired and sick after workout?

Hi. Intro post about this is here, and all others are under the label "My weight loss".
I talked about including workouts into my diet routine in my previous post (see here). What I didn't mention were the feelings I got after working out. You see all these pictures and posts about how working out is great and you feel amazing afterwards and it's the ultimate goal to feel like that. Well, not true! I just finished my workout for today so it's a perfect time to tell you everything exactly how it is. Although I've been working out every day for a month now and I walk a lot and ride a bike, my condition is nowhere near good. Not yet. So... How do I feel? I feel awful. I'm tired. My stomach hurts and I feel like I'm going to puke. Also, I'm all sweaty. Let's go in some order. Being tired. Everybody says you feel like running, going somewhere or something like that after working out. That's why you're supposed to do it in the morning. I work out in the evening, so that may be the reason, but there's one more. As you workout, your body loses oxygen and you should replace it pretty fast not to feel tired. As I don't have the power to do so, due to lack of condition, I am tired. And I mean sleepy. I could go straight to bed right now. It passes after some time, but that's the first feeling I have. I yawn during workouts. So... OK, next is feeling sick. If you ever watched any military movie, you'll see rookies doing some exercises and their commanders pushing them to their limits. Once the limit is reached, they faint or puke. Your organism is not used to this much movement and pressure so it has its own defense mechanism. I especially feel like this after my ab workouts because there's so much tension in my abdomen area. This will also calm down in some time, but, again, that's my first feeling. At first I was pretty worried about all these, but I think this is all pretty normal and common when starting something like this.
Sure, most of this passes with a good shower, but you have to get to the bathroom while feeling like crap... Not to discourage you, but you may experience this and I want you to be prepared.
Have in mind I'm not a trainer or fitness specialist or anything like that. I'm just telling you how I feel and what I think about all of this. If you feel that it's needed, go visit licensed trainer or a doctor. Don't mess with your health.

What are your experiences with workouts? Or feelings after them?

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