16 October, 2016

Today: 16.10.2016.

Doing: went to the shopping mall with my aunt, cooked some lunch, did a hair mask, gonna pamper myself and get my nails done - I'm preparing for another college week
Mood: pretty good actually, I'm stress free which is a miracle since I started college again
Favorite person: I haven't seen anybody today but my aunt so I'll say it's her - although she's a complete mental and physical mess
Thinking about: what I'll wear to the wedding on Saturday cause I have some stuff I could wear, but I kinda want something new, but don't have the money to be honest
Missing: my old job - cause I need the money...
Loving: the fall fashion - even though I don't like fall, I think it's the most fashionable season
Hating: that it's Monday tomorrow and all the rain
New discovery: baby oil I had for so long is actually great for nails and cuticles
Listening to: Adele - Someone like you (there's a list of 50 greatest love songs on VH1 and this was number one)

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