27 November, 2013

What matters in life?

Hi everyone. 
It's me again. Have you ever wondered what life really is? Is it just moving from point A to point B, no matter how or why? Or, is it a beautiful journey with ups and downs? I believe it's the other one. Everybody forgets the word "beautiful" because we often see only the bad part of it. And we hold on to it. Why are we all like that? I'm not a vengeful person but I can remember all the bad things that anyone did to me in the middle of the night. I also remember the fun times, times when a certain person was good to me and I really try to concentrate on that, but it's not the same. Feelings associated with bad memories are stronger, that's proven. And in this tough world we need as much good feelings and moments as we can get. We need to make somebody else's life better too. With small things. These are the ones that count. Like, for instance, today I got my test results. Math test. I passed. And I'm happy, of course. But I was even happier when I read a text message from Mr. M. saying "congratulations, you did great in math". (These are not his exact words due to translation but that's pretty close...) And then I saw the list. So he saw it, looked for my results, and sent it to me saying practically that he's proud or something like that. It's pretty great feeling knowing that somebody thinks about you. In any way. And my "friends" haven't sent anything. I haven't sent anything to anybody either but I wasn't home the whole day and I just saw this half an hour ago. And he sent me this message somewhere in the early afternoon. The weird thing is, when I opened that file, I looked for his results first. It was more important at the time. I'm sure he didn't do the same, but I knew that I did good. He told me, and he wouldn't joke about something that serious. I think. He passed to, but I passed with an A, and he passed with a D. I congratulated him as well. It's not easy to pass this. And I tried as much as I could not to sound like I'm bragging. I really didn't want to hurt his feelings. I hope he'll see it the way I sent it. Only with true positive thoughts. (I wanted to write "with love" but that would be too much...)
So, I told you this so you could see that just a simple text message can make your whole day. Send somebody a message now! Ask somebody how was their day!
Love, consideration, friendship, happiness!!

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