14 November, 2013

Stressed out -.-"

Hello everybody :)
Do you ever feel like you're gonna collapse due to all things you need to do? That's how I feel right now. I have 4 exams next week and few really big homework. It may seem that I have enough time, it's 3 days away, but that's nothing. I am really panicking about that. I'm terrible at organizing my time. That's why I always study few hours before the test or the night before. It was working just fine in school, but not in collage, apparently. I should be studying right now and I can't bring myself to actually doing it. I'm listening to some music (Superwoman by Alicia Keys), reading articles on the Internet, writing this blog... I'm doing everything I shouldn't be doing. And my biggest fear is that I'm going to fail my exams. Then I'll have to go to the really big exam that I know I won't pass because nobody ever did. What should I do?? Study? Yes, but I won't. I know myself. You know that feeling when school gets so boring you can't even look at the pictures in books? I constantly have that feeling. The only thing on my mind is that if I fail any of these exams, my year in collage is most likely wasted. And it will all be my fault. I don't know how's in your collage/school but I hope you have more luck. Study people, study! It will pay off one day. So they say... I have nothing else to say. Wish me luck. Talk to you tomorrow.

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