17 November, 2013

To make peace with destiny and cry?

Ola :)
As you all know, I have been preparing for some huge tests. How's it going? It's not. I'm terrible at organizing my time and it's Sunday evening already and I haven't done anything. The worst part is, I've been doing something for the whole weekend and there are no results. You know that feeling? And now, I'm on Facebook complaining how I don't have enough time. But, what comforts me, most of my friends are there too so that means that they are not doing anything either. Maybe they are done but they said that they're not and I believe them. I may be a sucker, but I believe almost anything that people say to me. I guess, I don't expect them to lie. They have no reason to do that with me. I hope they feel the same way. And now to a crying part... I really don't know how it works in your collage but we have two smaller tests in a semester and one enormous. If you pass these two smaller ones you don't have to write the big one. Of course, everybody is trying to pass smaller ones because there are only a few people who passed the big one. And now, this is my first "small" test and, how my dear friend would say, I know nothing. Help me people! What do I do?!? Now, I'm depressed and I have to go eat. :D
Bon appeite! (And now I'm really hungry.)

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