28 November, 2013

New discoveries :)

Ola amigos :)
(Read the first part and listen to all the songs. If you want to know more about every video continue reading after links. Thanks.)
Have you ever been happy for discovering some great video or a song? I'm sure you have. And today I'm happy for that same reason. I just saw one video by a group Pentatonix. They are an a cappella group of five vocalists - Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola. Scott is a cutie, Kirstie is gorgeous and Kevin is great. Mitch and Avi are also very good but, as you know, there are almost always some persons you like better in a group. But the five of them are great together. And they're a cappella!!! How amazing is that? While listening to them, you really have the feeling that some instruments are used, but no! It's all them. They began with three friends that grew up together: Kirstin, Mitch and Scott. Then Scott met Avi, and they found Kevin on Youtube. The group won the third season of The Sing-Off on NBC, singing an a cappella arrangement of "Eye of the Tiger" which you have to listen to. I also saw a bunch of videos and great singers today on Youtube. I started with this one song and, an hour later, I was amazed by all the things I've seen. There are so many great people with great voices and talents and nobody know them. That's a shame! As I started writing this, I remembered that I've heard some great songs in the past few days. You can hear all of them lower in the post...
Little drummer boy blew me away. It's so simple bus so passionate and lively. Video is, again, so simple but perfect for this song and for them.
I love Whitney and there's nobody like her but Ashly is her worthy successor.
I foud Yuridia through some talent show. Some little girl was singing this and I immediately fell in love with it. This is not original version but I like this one better.
I first heard Theme sarabande in TV Show called Adini Feriha Koydum (I named her Feriha). And I was asking everybody if they know that melody but nobody did. I found it accidentally when I saw some commercial for shoes or basketball, I don't even remember. The important thing is that now I can listen to it all day long! So peaceful...
This song by Simply red is so old but so great. It's not a new discovery, like my title says, but is worth listening.
Lines and colours are new band and I think this is their first single. It's great!! And video is good to. So much effort put in just some lyrics. Great job!
Depend on you... What to say? Old and great!
I only ask of God... Religious, inspiring. Love the end on Spanish (I think.)
Attraction (1 and 2) is a group of people playing with their shadows. They tell amazing stories just by their movement. Absolutely a must see!
So this is it. This much form me today. Enjoy Youtube and my links. Have a great day/night :)
(P.S. Andrea welcome to your homeland :*)

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