09 November, 2013

Starting something new (1)

Hi :) How's your day so far? I hope you're happy.
So, I wanted so share something with you :)) There's this guy at my collage, in my group. I've met him more than a month ago. He had already had friends there and I was alone. Than I made some friends and I was happy. I've really put myself out there like never before. I used to be a really really really shy person. I still am, just not as much. And he seemed a bit arrogant and was one of the "cool guys". He still is. We all know them. And me? I'm somewhere in the middle. I've met this girl and we were starting to become friends, we're very much alike. But we are still not that close that I would tell her my secrets or my deepest wishes. So, I started talking to this guy, just friendly chats in classes, not a big deal. And I realized that he's not so bad after all. I was telling my friends that he's nice and funny, nothing more. And there really wasn't anything more. And I was fine. I was happy to have a guy friend. Because of shyness, my history of relationships of any kind isn't that bright. Every once in a while, I said something nice about him to that girlfriend of mine. She nodded her head because she knew it was true. Then she started to change. She was really weird around him but I haven't said anything.
(...) There's more about this story, in another post. Stay tuned.
P.S. This is not to keep you in suspense, I just don't want to make huge posts and than lose your concentration. 

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