19 November, 2013

So proud!!

In the beginning I would just like to ask you if you like the new design of my blog? Share your ideas with me, please.
And now... I'm so so so proud of my country. Of our national football team. We just won a game against Iceland and we're going to Brasil for world's championship. I'm not some kind of freak and I do not make people like it but I like to emphasize that I love my country. The truth is, I always wanted to be a soldier. There's just something about it that makes my heart pump faster. I probably will never apply for it because I'm too scared but that's my secret wish since about 3 years ago... I had a chance to apply this summer but I never did. And my chance is opened for the next summer but I don't believe I'll do anything about it. Fear is a very powerful thing. You know that feeling when your whole country stands up for something? For the same reason? We are living that right now. We are celebrating our victory!! And it feels great! There's nothing better than seeing everybody so happy in times like this, even just for a moment. Football is obviously a powerful thing too. So so proud! Great job guys!!
P.S. No disrespect to Island national team, great job in the first game but you had no chance today ;)
Croatian flag, football national team, Mario Mandzukic, Davor Suker 1998., Darijo Srna (captain)

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