22 November, 2013

New look...

Hi everyone. I'm back :) Did you miss me? 
This is going to be short post but I wanted to introduce you to the new look I just made. The background is black and yellow with bees cause, after all, this blog is named Beehive, and my name is Honey. I think it suits my blog well. I've also changed the background of my posts so they would be easier to read (thanks Andrea for your suggestion). My only concern is the color of the title of the post. It's white on bright background. How does it look? Can you read that? Also, I've noticed that you are very shy when it comes to commenting my posts (although I've set it so you could comment as an anonymous). Only for you, I made something like a poll. Under every post you can choose between various options to describe my post. So do it. Please. It will help me understand you and I'll improve if you don't like it. However, have in mind that all you read here are my feeling and my opinions. Have fun reading my blog. Have a nice day. :)

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