26 November, 2013

Try to understand!

Hi everyone. 
I hope you had a better day than I did. Fifteen hours outside my warm home, twelve hours in collage (I'm not exaggerating), six hours of math, two tests, wind blowing like crazy, temperature near zero. Compete with that! But, I wanted to get back to my last post. I just read it completely and I thought I could say something to backup my story. As I said before, I know that while reading this blog you could get very wrong picture of me. I'm not that person that always sits in the corner and is in heaven when somebody talks to me. Although, that's fine too. If you're shy, you're shy. Don't let anyone judge you! I am extremely happy that I found friends so quick in collage. That's why I'm sharing my first coffee and my wink situation with you. I just wondered if you laughed at me while reading the last post? Cause if you did, that's your opinion and I respect it but you have to think about every person out there who is exactly like me. They may be close to you, and you don't even know it. For example, I have two best best best friends and I love them so much but only one of them knows my "love story" and she found out about it very accidentally. Some things are easier to share with someone unknown, like I share my thoughts here with you, than with someone you actually hang out with. You really don't have to be like me, or anyone else, but you have to at least to try to understand everybody's point of view. Walk a mile in somebody's shoes, than you have the right to say something!! Have a good night Europe! :) (The rest of the world, have a nice whatever part of the day there is) ;)
Very important thing in life!!

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