17 November, 2013


Hiii everybody. :D

It's 00:57 in my country so I'll keep it short. I'm just so excited that I had to tell you something right away. Another one of my wishes just came true!! I was at a concert of one of my favorite singers - Marko Perkovic Thompson. I know you probably haven't heard of him. He sings all patriotic songs and he is GREAT !!!!!! I love him so much. I even got the chance to take a picture with him. If you have no idea how I feel, imagine that you are Belieber or Directioner and you take a picture with JB or 1D. Do you get it now? Take your favorite celebrity and imagine if he/she talked to you, took a picture... :D I have nothing else to write about. I'm overwhelmed. I usually have a bunch of pictures and videos after some big concert like that but today I took only a few pictures. I couldn't think about that, I was singing and dancing and feeling great :D. I tell you, it was magical. God, I love my country. God, I love music. God, thank you for this night. And Thompson, you too <3
Marko Perković Thompson (old photo)

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