20 November, 2013

She stole... I'm mad at...

Hi everyone. 
First, I would like to say: happy Children's Day!! Yes, that really exists and it's today. :) 
I was wondering... Why nobody comments anything? I've put settings so you can easily comment as anonymous. No registration, no name, no E-mail. So, what's the problem? 
But anyway... You know the story with Miss D. and Mr. T.? No? Read "Starting something new..." Yes? So, it continues... I can't believe that I have no luck in area of friendships and maybe love... You know I was the one who started talking to everybody first? I mean, before her. Miss D. was in my shadow, and I don't mean that in a bad way. She was just more quiet, more reserved. And I liked her that way. She was normal, polite to everyone, social when needed, just normal... And then she changed. For the worse... It's so sad to watch that. She is moving in a flat close to Mr. T., even though she found a cheaper one and closer to our collage, and they are "studying" 8 hours for the test that has 5 pages to learn for. And the worst part is that she has changed with me. I don't have anything against them together or not together, but she ignores me just because of him. When we're alone, she's great to me. When anybody else is around us, she totally shouts me out. And I'm pissed. And mad. At her. And at myself. Why haven't I tried harder to maintain my position? Why wasn't I more sociable? What did I do wrong? So many negative questions and no answers... If you'd known me, you would know that I'm not attention whore and that's not the problem. What makes people change completely just for someone to like him/her? That's not the same person anymore...

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