08 November, 2013


Hi everyone. This is my first blog post ever. I hope you'll like it and you'll recommend my "diary" to your friends. For starter, I would like to say something about myself. For you, I'm Honey. I started collage this year. I'm just an ordinary teenage girl trying to survive in this world. While I was listening to some of my peers, I figured that I could make a blog about my thoughts. We all, more or less, think alike. Maybe you think that nobody gets you, nobody feels what you feel... I probably do if you feel rejected and insecure. Cause that's me. I put on a smile but we all know it's a mask. We all wear it. Most of the time with all kinds of different people. I don't want to scare you off, this blog won't be all depressing. I do have happy moments. Mostly, I'll write about guys :). There will also be something about school (elementary and high school), collage, family, friends, love... Hopefully you'll stick around long enough to get to know my world. In the end, be happy :* 

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