13 November, 2013

Do you ever miss the past?

Hi :)
Do you? Ever? I'm only 18 years old and even I miss it. It's such a shame that kids these days won't know how it feels to play outside in dirt with best friends. All they do now is sit in front of TV or computer. I went for a walk few months ago and when I was coming back I was too tired to walk. I took a tram and there they were. Few, 5 or 6, kids, the oldest one was about 10-12 years old. They all had iPhones and cigarettes in their pockets. I was just staring at them, I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. They were all doing something on their phones, probably looking at their profile pictures with duck faces on Facebook. Nobody was talking and yet, everybody was swearing. They said some things I have never heard of. Thank God. And their wardrobe? I think most of the girls in the group has mistaken T-shirt for a dress. Boys were just boys with their pants almost dragging on the floor. And now I wonder, what will my kids be like? Will they skip their childhood and go straight to being adult? And, if I may add, really disrespectful, rude and slutty dressed adult. As a 90's and early 00's kid, I played with my older brother and his best friend. We were playing war, some Playstation games (but only if it was raining), we had all different kinds of cars, action figures, Indians and cowboys... Legos, how could I forget about Legos?! We were having fun! And I miss it. I miss playing in the snow, running for no reason in out backyard, playing football and basketball even though I had no idea how to play it, and sill, nobody was angry with me. I know I'm young, but do you ever think about what kind of life will next generations have?
P.S. I just want to emphasize that this all is just my opinion. OK? I don't mean to insult anybody. Have a nice day :)

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